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Zodiac Technologies is based in Bangalore and offers the state of art, Micro-Computer based automatic water level controller cum indicator and Digital UPS and invertors for homes & commercial establishments.

Automatic Water Level Controller

This solid-state microcomputer based water level controller is an automatic switching device that enables the users to cut the cost of electricity and water with minimum disruption of their valuable time. This automatic water level controller makes use of a highly accurate and reliable microcomputer for its operation. It has a built in quartz based precision programmable digital timer. This timer is very useful for bore wells, which frequently dry out before the overhead tank could be filled.
A digital voltmeter is also provided which indicates and monitors the mains voltage and provides mains high and low volt protection for the motor. A light sensor is also provided to prevent automatic starting of the pump motor during night times.

Use of Automatic switching devices is by far the most affordable choice for consumers intending to reduce electricity and water bills.

Product Specification
Commmon for all models
POWER : 240 V AC/50 Hz ,for single phase 415 V AC/50 Hz ,for three phase
RELAY : 30 A, 25 A, 7 A resistive, number of relays used varies with different starter types
SENSOR: Long Life SS Electrodes
SENSING : Ac sensing
AMBIENT : Temp. 0 to 45 deg.C
Varies with model
PROTECTION : high volt. Low volt and dry run.
DISPLAY : LEDs, 7 segment LED display
DIMENSIONS : L150 X W80 X H55 ,L182 X W 115 X H62
WEIGHT : 500 gms , 3 Kgs
** Individual specifications may vary for different models, dimensions and weight shown are approximate.

Functional description

How it operates

The automatic water level controller constantly monitors the following:
  • Water level in the sump tank
  • Water level in the overhead tank
  • Checks for the dry run if the motor is running
  • Mains input voltage for high/low voltage
  • Timers for models with timer
  • Light sensor for models with light sensor
System action as per user settings
  • Switches on the pump if water level in the overhead tank is low and the water level in sump tank is high
  • Switches off the pump if the water level in the overhead tank is full, or if the sump tank is empty
  • Buzzer sounds on dry run
  • Switches off the pump if the mains voltage is high or low
  • Switches off the pump in case of dry run
  • Switches off the pump according to the status of the timer or light sensor
** Operation may vary from model to model depending upon the features provided.

Water Level Controller Models

4 Level Models with timer
  • 4 Level indication in overhead tank
  • 3 level indication in sump tank
  • Flow indication
  • Dry run protection
  • Feature touch fill key and program key
  • Manual bypass switch
  • High/Low volt protection for motor
  • AC sensing stainless steel sensors
  • Auto/Manual switch
  • Audio Visual Alarm
  • Digital volt meter and timer
  • Programmable timer, dry run delay ,high volt, low volt cutoff, auto/manual
     2 Level Models
  • 2 Level indication in overhead tank
  • 2 level indication in sump tank
  • Flow indication
  • Dry run protection
  • Feature touch fill key
  • Auto/Manual switch
  • AC sensing stainless steel sensors
  • High/Low volt protection


Install Sinex, Go for Latest
Technology in Digital Inverters/UPS.

Features of our Digital Inverters and UPS Systems.
  • True Sine wave output to enhance life of electrical equipments.
  • Auto change over from mains to Inverter mode in case of power failure.
  • Microprocesor on board to control all vital functions of the system.
  • Mosfet based inverter for hi-efficiency > 90%. Hence longer back up time.
  • Efficient intelligent battery sensing and charging thereby reducing frequent top ups and also healthy battery conditions and Enhanced battery life.
  • Panel LED/Buzzer indications for Battery charging, Low Batt., Over load etc.
  • On- line load sensing facility, enabling saving of battery power.
  • Quiet operation, No Pollution, Low running cost, Zero maintenance.
  • Efficient after sales support.

  • POWER, today is one of the, most critical requirements in any body's daily life and to think of life without power is almost impossible. All our modern gadgets are dependent on power, but unfortunately the supply of power today is rather erratic due to various reasons, and to tide over this crisis, we at Zodiac Technologies have designed this efficient, silent generator which functions so efficiently that you would not know when the power went off and when it resumed. In addition to this it also protects your various house hold gadgets like TV's, refrigerators, computers from wide/erratic voltage fluctuations.

    When once connected to the mains, SINEX manages the power supply to all your gadgets like lighting, fans, entertainment gadgets like TV, VCD players, stereo systems etc so efficiently without taking a break in spite of the power supply taking a break. The batteries connected to them are also maintained in a healthy condition so that they are ever-ready for any eventuality.

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